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How can I purchase something?


You would need to come to the estate sale at the times posted on the website.  We open the doors and you come in and make your purchases.  One of our sales associates would be glad to mark an item with a "Sold" tag with your name.  You can hold smaller items behind the cashier while you shop.


Do you let people into your sales early?


No. We do not allow early sales or previews.   In addition we do not hold items for anyone at our sales.


Is this an auction?


No. Everything is priced and will have a sticker on it.  At the beginning of the sale, we open the doors for people to enter. We do not use a number system; everyone comes in and makes their purchases independently.  If you decide you want an item as you are walking through the house, you can pick it up or ask a salesperson for help with larger items. We will mark these items “sold” for you.


Can I buy something without coming to the sale?


Yes, you would need to contact us after the sale opens (please allow at least 30 minutes) and we can let you know the price, condition, and delivery options.  You can then pay over the phone.  The item can then be picked up at the sale or at our Bryn Mawr location..  Please note: buying preference is given to the customers who are onsite at the sale and sometimes we are so busy we cannot answer the phone, your best bet is to text a photo and we will respond at soon as we are free. 610-348-3600

How does pricing work?


We price our items at a fair market value (a little less than you would see online or at a second hand store). 







Can you tell me the price of an item?


No. We do not give out prices ahead of time.  This is because ultimately the owner has final say on the price. For example, we would hate to tell you a desk is $25 only for you to find on the day of the sale that the owner has changed his/her mind and wants $100 for it.


How can I pay for my purchases?


Cash and all major credit cards are accepted.  We also accept local checks with valid ID, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Venmo, Paypal, and CashApp, There is no additional fee for any form of payment. 


Do you offer returns?


The only items that may be returned are electronics.  In the rare event that you buy a piece of electronics equipment that does not work, contact us immediately.  The item must be returned or it cannot be refunded.


What happened to the people?


Over 75% of our sales involve downsizing.  When moving from a large multi-bedroom home or estate into a smaller residence, people can’t take everything with them.  We sell what won’t fit (or isn’t needed) in their new place.  We also handle estates, divorces, and moves out-of-state where it isn’t cost effective to move the items.


What do you do with the items that are leftover after the sale?


The items belong to the estate and it is up to the owners what they do with the items after the sale.  In most cases, the owners keep the items. On occasion, items are donated, brought to auction, or removed by a cleanout company.


Do you offer delivery?


Yes. Delivery is available. We have someone onsite to provide you with a quote.




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