• Dualtron Spider Minimotors Electric Scooter. 
  • Upgraded to LTD 24.5Ah LTD version
  • Very good condition (less than 5 hours drive time)
  • Complimentary local delivery. 



Lightweight, powerful electric scooter that is easy to take with you on the train and bus.  MiniMotors answer is the new Dualtron Spider!  Featuring all the great technology that is in the larger Dualtron Scooters, the Dualtron Spider has 3,000 watt BLDC magnesium alloy motors and carbon fiber handlebars to shave off the added weight.  44 pounds, 37 mile range, and a max capable speed of 37 miles per hour. 


The Dualtron Spider Limited is now available with a 40% larger capacity battery (24.5Ah vs 17.5Ah) and wider tires (2.25" vs 2").

Dualtron Spider Minimotors Electric Scooter